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Left: Enjoy this presentation of our Members' Brahman Bulls and Heifers on 18 August 2020, at the first Preview Day at the National Breed Sale.

Welcome to our world -
the enthusiastic Brahman breeding community in Zimbabwe.

The Brahman and its uniqueness is driven by a progressive breeding corps. The influence that the breed has had on the cattle industry of Zimbabwe since the first importation in 1955 makes this unique breed a “winner”. Dedicated stud breeders over the next 60 years and more, have strived to use the best genetics available to them, through importation of live animals, embryos and semen from the USA, Australia and South Africa.

We are extremely proud of our Brahman breed in Zimbabwe. As we enter a new era with the use of technology, we are delighted to showcase what the Brahman Breeders of Zimbabwe have available to the benefit of the Zimbabwean beef industry and greater Brahman breed worldwide.

Dirk Odendaal, Past President -
Brahman Breeders Society of Zimbabwe


Our November 2020 Newsletter is OUT!
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Our AGM - 13 November 2020
The Brahman Breeders Society held its well attended Annual General Meeting in October and the incoming Council was duly elected. The first meeting of the new Council took place in Gweru on 13 November 2020. After the meeting, those attending had the opportunity to view the herd of newly elected President Phil Reed. Pictures taken at this enjoyable occasion are at left, below.

The 52nd National Breed Sale
The Sale went ahead on 20 August 2020, with previewing on 18 and 19 August. Although the format had to differ greatly from the usual manner in which this Sale is conducted due to all the Covid19 regulations and restrictions, it was very successful. Using available modern technologies, most bids were done online to comply with the legislation on public gatherings, which limits numbers to 50 or less on site.

Our Brahman Breed was as usual showcased and represented at the Sale in the great majority, and at highest quality.

To see just some of the photos taken on 18 August, CLICK HERE.

To see the full moving slide show of first Preview Day at the 2020 National Breed Sale with ALL BREEDS featured - the majority of animals being our Members' Brahmans - CLICK HERE.




Why Breed Brahmans?

There are so many good reasons!

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Kupfuya Mombe DzeBrahman

Kumele Ufuye Inkomo yeBrahman


Brahman Breeders Society represents the interests of all its members and keeps them informed of best practices and latest research.

Below, pictures taken at a Members Field Day.


brahmans field day

Beautiful-Brahmans children with brahman There is a common misconception that the Brahman is a wild and aggressive breed - which very clearly is not so...

The reality is that Brahmans are more sensitive and intuitive to human interaction than most breeds. They enjoy lots of affection and become very docile as a result, just as these young farmers at left discovered!